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We partnered with Heidi Swanson, author and 101 Cookbooks founder, to highlight our Organic Date Sugar & Guittard Chocolate 72% Sante Chocolate Chips by creating an imaginative holiday recipe. Heidi's velvety and rich chocolate mousse recipe uses a unique technique for smoking chocolate chips using a stovetop smoker. If you’re the type of foodie who loves a magical kitchen process, this is for you. Heidi also told us that the recipe is lovely without the smoking process if that’s not your thing. However, we are looking into procuring an Ibushi Gin as we speak, so you know what type of foodies we are!



Stovetop smoker or donabe smoker (Ibushi Gin)


  •   6 ounces / 170 g Guittard 72% Sante dark chocolate baking chips
  •   2 eggs, brought to room temperature shortly before using*
  •   1/4 cup water
  •   1/4 cup granulated cane sugar, Just Date sugar, or muscovado sugar
  •   4 tablespoons unsalted butter
  •   1/4+ teaspoon fine grain sea salt
  •   1 cup cold heavy cream, plus sugar to taste
  •   2 teaspoons almond extract


Smoke your chocolate. Start by placing the baking chips in a shallow, heat-proof, dish or bowl. Smoke the chocolate per your smoker instructions, for about 18 minutes. The smoker temperature should be very low and gentle. The chocolate should be barely melted after smoking.

Meanwhile, separate the whites and yolks of the eggs. In a large bowl, beat the egg whites until they hold very stiff peaks.

Combine the water, sugar, butter, and salt in a double boiler. If you don't have a double-boiler, you can fashion one by combining the ingredients in a medium stainless steel bowl, and then placing this bowl atop a small, barely simmering saucepan of water. Stir until the ingredients come together smoothly. 

Remove from heat stir in the smoked chocolate. Next, beat in the egg yolks, stirring until the mixture is smooth and glossy. Add the egg whites, and fold gently until the pudding is uniform in texture. Divide the mousse evenly across 4-6 serving cups or glasses. Chill (covered) - preferably for a few hours or overnight.

Prior to serving, whisk the heavy cream into loose, floppy peaks adding the almond extract and sugar to taste toward the end. I typically use about 1 ½ - 2 tablespoons of sugar or date sugar. Serve the chocolate mousse with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

created by Heidi Swanson

*This recipe does use raw egg - children, pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone with an immune system disorder should avoid eating uncooked egg because of salmonella risk.