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Just Date

The Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle

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If a stand mixer and a good recipe are your special person's happy place, this gift box is for them. Grab The Everything Bundle: our ultimate holiday foodie bundle which includes date sugar, date syrup, pomegranate syrup, Chai Caramel, Stellar Eats Date-sweetened Coffee Cake Mix, PLUS our NEW date-sweetened dark chocolate chips. 

Baking and cooking with superfood ingredients like date sugar and date syrup is even more fun because you can indulge every day without worrying about the crash! Try adding the chocolate chips to the muffin mix, mix them into your favorite treat, or enjoy them for a healthy snack! Try the chai caramel in your coffee or tea or try swirling it into cakes and crumbles. If you need inspiration, head to our recipes page to find a cornucopia of date recipes from our Just Date Test Kitchen!

This is a gift ideal for any epicurean, yourself included. 

This bundle contains: 

1 jar of Organic Chai Caramel 

2 bags of Organic Date Sugar 

1 bottle of Date Syrup 

1 bottle of Pomegranate Syrup

1 bag of Stellar Eats X Just Date Coffee Cake Mix 

1 bag of Organic Date-Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips

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