Homemade Fresh Mango Juice

Homemade Fresh Mango Juice

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This recipe comes to us from Esam, a Miami based home chef. He uses fresh Madam Francis mangos directly from his backyard and a little bit of fresh mint leaves to create a perfect drink for a hot summer day. This will knock the socks off of any store-bought mango nectar you've had. Pour over ice and enjoy this incredible summer treat. Watch Esam making it here on Instagram!


10-12 small mangos (or until you have approx. 2 cups of mango fruit)

3 cups of water

2 tbsp Just Date Syrup

Juice of ½ lime (don’t substitute lemon)

4 fresh mint leaves

Start by peeling the skin off the mangos and cutting the soft parts of the fruit off the large interior seed. All mangos are different, so keep slicing until you have approximately 2 cups of mango fruit. Add to a blender with 1 cup of water and create a puree. 

Pour the mango puree through a colander to separate the fibers from the mango juice and then measure approximately 2.5 cups of mango puree and pour back into the blender. Add 2 more cups of water, Just Date Syrup, lime juice, and 4 mint leaves and blend thoroughly. Adjust more date syrup or mango to taste. Pour over ice and enjoy! 

Recipe created by Esam Nemer, a Miami-based home chef