We're on a mission to help you enjoy real sugar and natural sweetness that nourish your body. We'll help you feel satisfied...

Every. Single. Day.

We want you to live your healthiest life:
The sweet life.

  • Meet Dr. Sylvie Charles

    Our Founder Dr. Sylvie Charles’ lifelong passion for food and healing was planted at a young age in her family kitchen, where she shared nourishing, Indian meals steeped in healing, Ayurvedic tradition. She was inspired by the struggles of her diabetic father and diabetic patients at UCSF. Sylvie grew passionate about refined sugar’s negative impact on public health. She was unsatisfied with the way honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar still led to a blood sugar spike and crash, and troubled by the high fructose in agave, along the processing of artificial sweeteners – including stevia. With a naturally low glycemic index, nutrient density, and high antioxidant content, she realized organic dates were the perfect solution for a better sugar.

  • Meet Sam

    Our CEO Samantha Abramson has been a marketing leader for global brands and global teams for the past 12+ years. She launched over 100 products at Apple Inc. and helped form operations at the height of the brand’s popularity.

    Sam joined Just Date to unlock growth and boost brand awareness. Sam calls herself a ‘recovering sugar addict’ and is still surprised by how delicious a low-sugar lifestyle is.

Our Values

transparency & truth



We promise 100% high quality products that don’t sugar coat the truth. We owe it to our customers to tell the truth about our products, where they come from, and the science behind the sweetness. We believe in being honest and open about the impact sugar has on our lives. The sugar industry tends to put a shiny coat of paint on its products to hide the damage they do to our health.




We believe in the growth mindset for you and the planet. 2% of our profits go to food education programs. We stay curious as a company and will always continue to improve our product and process. We believe in personal boundaries, flexibility and balance. There’s no point in being shy about wellbeing, and no point in being shy about feeling good.




We are not a company that celebrates cut-out culture, diet culture, or subtraction. We believe a healthy life is rooted in abundance: overflowing with joy, energy, nutrients, flavor, and community.




We believe nature knows what she’s doing. We take pride in gently extracting natural sugar and vital nutrients from dates to bring you a perfect, delicious, healthier sweet that’s great for you and great for our Earth.




We are more than a sugar company: think of us as a sweet support system. Like friendship, sugar should be fun too. We think its best to treat your body and health the way you would treat your best friend.

These Days...

every day begins with picking up yesterday’s pieces.

Of our bodies, our work, our energy.

Always reacting, plugging holes with the first thing we can grab to try to keep the ship from sinking.

Caffeine, caffeine, just following up! A pastry, caffeine, email, a check-in. Maybe lunch... sugar-packed snacks just to keep going... careening into a blur until we tumble into bed at the end of the day… At the end of the week… Until we’re so burnt out we can’t help but wonder…

What have we created? And why do we feel like THIS? It begins with how we nourish ourselves.

How we choose sweet moments for our bodies and minds. Sweetness nature already provides.Sugars that delight us like they have for thousands of years. That start as dates on trees in the sun, and wind up looking sexy as syrup on a waffle.

Nutrient-dense sweetness that keeps our energy steady, opens our eyes to a world in color, and helps us live more abundantly…

More steadily… More satisfied.

Let’s be done with the crash.

Treating the Earth Kindly

Just Date is committed to having a little environmental impact as possible.

We start with upcycled dates.

Then, we consider our supply chain, and like to partner with date farmers who share our commitment to sustainable practices. One of our farmer partners is based in Tunisia, and dries their dates in the sun. They also employ 80% women! We love finding partners like this and are constantly looking for people who share our values.

Last year, we did a life cycle analysis, and we learned a lot of ways we can optimize to reduce our impact, and now we’re in the process of making those changes! First, we’re consolidating our production to minimize freight and transportation. Second, we’re making packaging changes to entirely previously recycled materials, moving away from any virgin plastics or paper.

We’re going to continue to learn and grow in this area! We love the earth and the fruit mother nature provides.