Stone Fruit & Burrata Salad

Stone Fruit & Burrata Salad

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This Summer Fruit Plate has all of your mid and late summer treats. In-season fruit is basically candy, and we love pairing those beautiful, juicy, luscious stonefruits with creamy burrata and fresh basil. We're not reinventing the wheel, no, and this isn't so much a recipe as an assemblage of perfect ingredients. 

What makes this summer fruit plate so special? Just Pomegranate Molasses. Our pomegranate syrup hits all the bright, tart, and sweet notes that you need to take this fruit plate over the top. Combine it with a grassy olive oil drizzle, sea salt, and something crunchy like toasted sesame seeds, and call it a snack, lunch, dinner, or dessert. 


4-6 ripe yellow peaches

4-6 ripe black mission figs

1 pkg burrata

1/2 bunch basil

2 tbsp pomegranate molasses

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp lightly toasted sesame seeds

Flaky finishing sea salt

Assemble your fruit plate. We suggest a layer of peaches on the bottom, followed by a layer of black mission figs scatter on top. Scatter burrata symmetrically throughout. Add leaves of basil, tucking them in throughout the fruit arrangement. First drizzle the olive oil over the plate, adding more than a tablespoon if at least a drop or two hasn't touched each piece of fruit. Squeeze pomegranate molasses directly out of the bottle, getting artsy with your drizzle. Sprinkle flaky sea salt over the top. Finish the plate with a generous sprinkle of lightly toasted sesame seeds. Serve to very excited and hungry guests.