Breaking Barriers and Building Brands: 14 Women-Owned Businesses to Honor Women's History Month

Breaking Barriers and Building Brands: 14 Women-Owned Businesses to Honor Women's History Month

Does it seem like women-owned brands are reshaping the food industry, or is it just us? We recently attended Expo West and had the chance to connect with some amazing women-owned brands that we'd like to introduce to you. We sampled and tasted a variety of products, including new milks, cereal, and beans, in search of the latest and greatest in food brands. So, to celebrate Women's History Month, we've put together a list of 14 women-owned businesses that you should definitely check out.

Chia Smash

Chia Smash is a superfood jam that's good for you, your tastebuds & the planet. No added sugar, packed with superfoods and made using 'imperfect' fruits.


Delicious plant-based dips made from organic, upcycled chickpea aquafaba. 


Daily Crunch

Super tasty sprouted nuts snacks that are gluten-free, added sugar free, non-gmo perfect for keto, paleo & vegan diets.

Willa's Kitchen

Whole oat organic non-gmo oat milk with zero added sugar.


Maazah is a bright, bold, and balanced Afghan-style chutney - this magic green sauce adds a fresh kick of flavor to fish tacos, eggs, pizza.

Seven Sundays

Grain-free/Gluten-free plant-based cereals with zero refined sugars, gmos or artifical flavors. 

Malibu Mylk

Tasty, nutritious, and sustainable milk made from whole organic ground flaxseed

Lil Bucks

Crunchy paleo snacks & toppings made from your new fave superfood, sprouted buckwheat.


The world's first kelp-based meat and seafood alternatives. 

Heyday Canning Co.

Create flavor-packed meals presto pronto with their line of canned (but never bland) beans.

Simply Gum

Simply is a natural confections brand. They make gum, mints, candy bars, and fruit bites from natural, non-gmo ingredients. 

Sweet Laurel

A grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free bakery based in Los Angeles, CA that also makes simple ingredient baking mixes.

Urban Remedy

Reimagining organic ready-to-eat food without a trace of dairy, gluten, white sugar, white flour, or unhealthy oils.


Making minimally processed, whole ingredient, protein-rich pasta and snacks from lupini beans.


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