Hold on to Your Forks. There’s Dessert!

Hold on to Your Forks. There’s Dessert!

Do we eat Thanksgiving dinner, just to prove ourselves worthy of the venerated dessert table or is the entire meal equally important? If you ask my 5 year old self - the child who explored her world taste-forward, it's the entire journey; no part is more important and without dessert you find yourself in mid-step unable to finish the experience. It's like a well-curated outfit. The pants are just as important as the shirt, but without the accessories, it's not even really a lewk, is it? That being said, there's method to this madness when planning. I like to choose a spread that meets everyone's possible needs. I want a chocolate option, a fruit option, a buttery-savory option and a "quick bite" for those types who like to extract themselves instantly from the table to watch football. But in order to serve this spread, you have to consider the effort for yourself. As Ina Garten recently suggested, please make it easy on yourself and buy some tasty morsels at your favorite bakery if you want to. I like to focus most of my dessert-making efforts on one show-stopper and choose quick and easy options for the rest of them. Read: Cookies generally keep longer so you can plan to start those first. Here are my top picks for the dessert table of your dreams.


Chocolate Date Tahini Tart

This velvety and rich yet vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free chocolate tart will have every one of your family or friends going back for more next week.






Bebe's Pumpkin Pie

We promise that this pumpkin pie is even better than the original - naturally sweet coconut cream melds with rich caramel Just Date Syrup to create the creamy pumpkin filling of your turkey-day dreams.






No Fuss Pecan Pie

Everyone has an obsession, and ours is the delightful take on a classic pecan pie. Corn syrup be gone, because there's a new syrup in town...this pie is not only healthier than the original, it boasts flavor to the max.






Simple & Perfect Apple Streusel

This tastes exactly how you think a rustic fall apple crumble or streusel should taste and seems like you spent hours on it -- bonus points for the fact that it's refined sugar-free, vegan and gluten-free.







Fudgy Chocolate Cookies

Everyone needs a go-to chocolate cookie, so consider this our gift to you. Gooey and thick, this rich chocolate cookie is grain-free, vegan, and refined sugar free, only sweetened with just date syrup.



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