Hosting a Feast: Tips and Tricks from the Just Date Team

Hosting a Feast: Tips and Tricks from the Just Date Team

Planning and executing a large dinner can be a daunting task, but fear not! The Just Date team is here with a handful of tried-and-true hints to ensure your gathering is not only delicious but also stress-free. From prepping your kitchen to managing unexpected twists, we've got you covered.

1. Clean Out Your Fridge Early:
A week before the big day, dive into your fridge with gusto. Toss expired items, make room for fresh ingredients, and organize your space. A clutter-free fridge is a happy host's secret weapon!

2. Get That Head Count:
Before you hit the grocery store, gather RSVPs from your guests. Knowing the number of mouths to feed will guide your shopping list, preventing last-minute scrambles for extra servings.

3. Plan Your Cooking Sequence:
Craft an order of events for your cooking escapade. Include a defrosting plan, and print it out for quick reference on the day. A well-thought-out schedule ensures you're never caught off guard in the kitchen chaos.

4. Beverage Station Beyond the Kitchen:
Keep the kitchen chaos at bay by setting up a beverage station in another room. Silverware, napkins, glasses, and water in a beverage dispenser should be ready before guests arrive. Stash essentials like paper towels outside the kitchen and designate a point person to guide lost souls.

5. Batch Cocktails for a Warm Welcome:
Prepare a welcome cocktail (and a mocktail!) in advance, enough for everyone to enjoy upon arrival. After the initial welcome, switch to wine, simplifying your drink service and letting you focus on the main event. 

6. Master the Art of Preparation:
One week before the feast, make and freeze your pie crusts. The day before, craft your pies. Prepare as much as you can in advance, from cornbread for stuffing to cranberry sauce, casseroles, soups, and salad dressings - these can all be made before and heated up on the day.

7. Embrace Easy Sides:
Opt for a few showstopping main dishes and keep the sides simple. Try these mix and match fool-proof sides: LINKS. Streamline your menu for a stress-free cooking experience.

8. Have a Backup Plan:
No party is without its hiccups. Be prepared for the unexpected by having a backup plan. Quick salad ingredients, frozen rolls, or a cheese and fruit plate can be lifesavers if a dish doesn't go as planned.

9. Solve Bottlenecks Early:
A couple of days before the event, analyze the layout of your gathering space. Solve any potential bottleneck issues to keep the flow smooth and guests happy.

10. Be Ready to Pivot:
Flexibility is key. Be prepared to pivot if needed. Change is inevitable, even with the best-laid plans. As the host, set a positive tone, be forgiving to yourself, and embrace the unexpected. A spilled glass of wine is just a small blip in the grand feast you're orchestrating. You've got this!
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