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Just Date

10-Day Low-Sugar Reset

10-Day Low-Sugar Reset

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This is a doctor-designed tastebud retraining tool so you can live your sweetest life without the sugar crash! Developed by Kanchan Koya, PhD, @chiefspicemama, and Sylvie Charles, MD, CIO and founder, Just Date, you will be guided through a 10-day low-sugar journey to help you overcome your sugar habit and find a renewed enjoyment of delicious flavors. So many resets, cleanses, and challenges follow a fad diet format. We like to think of this 10-day reset as an antithesis to fad dieting. No guilt. No doing it badly. More joy. More pleasure. The e-book includes science-backed articles, menus & recipes for 10 days, shopping lists, and our top tips for adopting a low-sugar lifestyle.

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